Be Like Children

In this mundane world where most if not all is superficial and materialistic, rarely can you see a true sign of caring and understanding.  Seldom do we hear good news. Most likely, we are bombarded with negativities early on in the day. I am fortunate to experience and witness positive vibes in so many ways.  Well, that is another plus for being a teacher.

Working in a school really brings wonder to my daily life. Children are the best messengers of love. They show it through their warm greetings. They speak their love as they praise you for anything they see wonderful with you on that day. It might be the shoes you’re wearing or the drawings you did on the board. They say it best when they listen attentively in class. Wait there’s more! I get free hugs and not-so-allowed kisses.

Innocence makes young learners adorable. They leave a mark on you every encounter you have with them. Their eyes speak wonder in all you say or do. They react purely on topics they find interesting.  They never have qualms in saying what they think and feel. You’ll get the unedited version all the time. Amusing indeed!

hold my handsI saw two young female students holding hands one day. Together, they enter the school premises. What a sight! What could’ve been in their minds? Were they scared? Was there anxiety? Or was it purely an “I got your back” gesture? It was an awesome sight. It was friendship. It was love and sacrifice for one’s own convenience. I just had to capture the moment.

Hold hands together. It is so simple yet hard to do. The irony of life is that as we grow old, we realize that we were better when we were younger.  We lost trust and faith as soon as life gives us lemons. Hands are no longer outstretched for those who truly needed help. Can we be like children again? Let’s have a show of hands. Not bad at all.


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