Hash Tag Jadine

I can’t believe it. I ‘m crazy over this love team called Jadine. Imagine, me in my late 40s hooked on these pseudo lovers. And what’s so amazing is that I am not alone. I noticed that they are loved by people from all walks of life. It seems that this pair has cast a magic spell on millions of people. Unbelievable!

I first saw them on the trailer of Diary Ng Panget. It caught my interest. So one boring day, I watched the movie on Youtube. My curiosity led me to liking them. I don’t have a penchant for Filipino love stories. And yet Jadine made me love watching Filipino films again. I guess they just have a simply irresistible charm that mesmerized the fandom. The story plot was simple but it was super enjoyable to watch. My time was not wasted. From then on, I knew I would love these two artists. There is something in them. Honestly, they don’t seem to match with each other but they exude a certain mass appeal. They have chemistry as they usually say in showbiz. They are so good to watch.

jadine-for-insideshowbiz-magazine-2Now, at the end of each tiring day, I look forward to their teleserye, On the Wings of Love or famously tagged #OTWOL. It seemed like an ordinary story. I have watched movies with the same plot. How would theirs be different? I wondered. So, I watched one episode to while the time away. I got hooked. I silently scream inside me whenever they’re on the screen. I adore their scenes together. Why do they look so lovely together? Why do you look so real?

It has been years since I was an avid fan to movie stars. But I can’t remember if ever I was this hooked. For sure, many of the believers of their love team are asking the same question.  What is in you, Jadine? Why have you swept off so many off their feet? Oh Jadine! Undo this spell on me, please? I am too old for this.


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