How To Survive a Teaching Job


So you want to teach? Great! Have you decided? Really? Well, find it out if you are meant to teach or you are better off in other fields. Here are some of the things you need to know or should have to survive a teaching job.

1. Know your strengths as well as your weaknesses.   When you teach, you give away everytfhing that you have and even those you don’t have. It is important that you anchor on what you are best at. Can you draw? Are you musically talented? Does literary writing comes to you like a second skin? Do children listen to you even if you don’t say a thing? Whatever you got are all useful in teaching. Even the lipstick that you put on or the shoe that you wear has an effect on your students. How you present yourself or how you give significance to life affects learners.

2. Love the learners.    They are gifts to us. They are the next generation. They are filled with hope and aspirations in life. Treat them like they are your children. Think of them as the next doctor who will treat you when you’re sick. Care for their well being as you remind yourself that they might be the next politician. How do you think they will fair in life? Love them. Seriously.

3. Learn to laugh at yourself.     As I write this, I am reminded of the many times I was put on embarrasing or awkward situations because I teach.  Whatever it is, just laugh at it. Situations or experiences, no matter how good or bad gives us a life changing lesson. Stay ticklish. It helps in your teaching journey.

4. Keep on sharpening the saw. Read. Study. Observe. Never stop learning again and again. Remember, we can not give what we don’t have. Fill yourself with knowledge and skills. Those are sine quanon in this vocation. You don’t want to be drained, right? Continue to be a learner on your own.

5. Focus on your purpose.     Why are you teaching in the first place? What lead you to this vocation? When things get tough, FOCUS on your PURPOSE. Many are called but not anyone can. Be proud that you can teach. Hang in there! Aja!

6. Make peace with your income. Yeah! You thought so? This is one important aspect you should consider. If you are not willing to shell out from your pocket then get a U turn. Teaching is one job that needs hard work and tough pockets. You know why? Because the renumeration is not solely on material things but rather beyond compensation. Trust me. It is overwhelming that money cannot buy.

7. Think big. Look at the bigger picture. What other profession has the power to change mindset, mold characters and bring up a better future for the world?
Nothing else but teaching. You teach well, you definitely will live well. That is the challenge.

Now the most important question. Do you think you can survive or love teaching for long? Read again in case you are undecided.  One last thing, teachers make good decision. It is part of the job description.


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